Garden Fantail Pigeon

Garden Fantail Pigeon: Identification, Price and Breeding

Garden Fantail pigeons are one of the oldest types of Fantail pigeons. They are called Garden Fantails as they were one of the many fancy pigeon breeds that Charles Darwin kept in his Garden.

They have a slightly cone-shaped fan-like tail, no crest and muffs. They constantly shake their neck. Apparently, they look like a cross-breed between English Fantails and ordinary Fantails.

Pigeon BreedGarden Fantail Pigeon
Tail Feathers20-30
Length (in)9.5-11
Weight (g)250-350
Life Span (years)10-15
Availability (USA)Common
Pair Price (USD)$20-30
Garden Fantail Pigeon Standard

Difference Between Garden Fantails and English Fantails

English Fantail pigeon is a refined form of Garden Fantails so they have certain similarities. However, two major differences are their stance and tail structure.

Garden Fantail vs. English Fantail Pigeon

The English Fantails have an almost flat tail containing 30-45 feathers whereas Garden Fantails have a dropped tail containing only 20-30 feathers. Moreover, English Fantails do not shake their neck like Garden Fantails.

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Common Colors

Until a few centuries ago, Garden Fantails existed in only white color but with time, more colors have been developed. Today, they exist in almost all pigeon colors like:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Tiger
  • Black/Red/Blue/Silver Ribbon Tail
  • Black/Red/Blue/Silver Saddle-back
Garden Fantail Pigeon History


The origin of Garden Fantails is India. They existed far before this breed was recorded in history. However, their recorded history starts from the 12th century. According to historians, Mughal and Chinese emperors had Fantails in their court.

One of the most notable mentions of Garden Fantails in history is that, in 1855, Charles Darwin kept Garden Fantails for studying the origin of different pigeon species. The Silky Fantails also existed at that time and Silky Fantails were more popular at that time.

Garden Fantail Pigeon Breeding


Among all Fantail types, Garden Fantails are the best breeders. This is because they do not have a very large or heavy tail which makes it easier to mate and fly. Probably this is why Garden Fantails are the most commonly available type among all Fantail types.

Where to Buy Garden Fantail Pigeons?

Garden Fantails are easy to source as they are less costly as compared to other Fantail types and they are commonly available in most countries. You can buy them from a local pigeon breeder online.

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Garden Fantail Pigeon Price

What is the Pair Price of Garden Fantail Pigeons?

In most countries, Garden Fantails cost $20-30 per pair. They are cheaper in Pakistan and India as they are abundantly available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Fantail Pigeons

Are English Fantails and Garden Fantails the same?

No, English Fantails are a refined form of Garden Fantails, they have a different tail structure and stance.

Can Garden Fantails Fly Like Regular Pigeons?

Not exactly. Garden Fantails can fly better than Indian Fantails, American Fantails, and Silky Fantails but not as good as regular pigeons. Read more about: Can Fantail Pigeons Fly?

Can We Keep Garden Fantails Open in Garden?

Although Garden Fantails can protect themselves up to some extent but still, their flight is not good enough to protect themselves. It is not recommended to keep Fantails open. However, you can daily open them for short time in your presence to ensure their safety.

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