Indian Fantail Pigeon

Indian Fantail Pigeon: Identification, Price, and History

Indian fantails (also known as Indian fantail doves) are a type of fantail pigeons. They originated centuries ago and have been one of the most commonly kept fancy pigeons all over the world.

The modern Indian fantails have a fan-like tail. They walk on their toes with their chest pulled up, their head pulled towards their tail and their neck vibrating. Their crest and long muffs make them even more appealing. Altogether, these physical characteristics make Indian Fantails look special and fascinating.

Indian Fantails have a variety of colors. The most common colors are

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Tiger
  • Black/Red Ribbon Tail
  • Black/Red Saddle-back
Pigeon BreedIndian Fantail Pigeon
Breed SpecialityFan-shaped tail
Crest and muffs
OriginIndia & Pakistan
Tail Feathers28-35
Foot-feathers (in)2-3
Crest TypePeak
Length (in)10.2-11.8
Weight (g)350-450
Life Span (years)10-15
Pair Price (USD)$70-120
Indian Fantail Pigeon

Some breeders confuse Indian Fantails with English Fantails but they are different. The most common differences between Indian Fantails and English Fantails are crest and foot-feathers. Indian Fantails have both but English Fantails neither have crest nor foot-feathers.

Another major difference is the gap between the head and tail. Unlike English Fantails, the head of Indian Fantails does not touch the tail but it always remains close to the tail. Some breeders see it as a problem and consider such birds impure. But this is absolutely normal in Indian Fantails.  

Indian Fantail vs English Fantail Pigeon

Indian Fantail Pigeons Have Limited Flying Ability

Since the tails of Indian fantails are not designed for flight, they cannot fly much. However, they can make short flights for a short duration like taking off from one place and landing on another up to 150 feet away. But they cannot make sudden flights like ordinary pigeons and this is why they are not good at protecting themselves from predators.

Indian Fantail Pigeon History

Indian Fantail is the oldest fancy pigeon breed with a recorded history starting from the 12th century. According to research studies, they descended from Rock Dove. The word “Fantail” in their name, comes from their fan-like tail and the word “Indian” comes from their Indian origin.

Relation between Indian Fantail Pigeon and Rock Dove

Indian Fantail Pigeons Descended from Rock Dove

Yes, Indian fantails descended from the Rock Dove. Charles Darwin was the first biologist who shared this theory; later, more biologists endorsed this theory. However, the earliest Indian Fantails did not look exactly like the modern Indian fantails, the current breed is a result of extensive experimentation (cross-breeding).

Mughal Emperors Kept Indian Fantail Pigeons

Mughal and Chinese Emperors Loved Fantail Pigeons

Indian fantails have been one of the favorite fancy pigeons breeds of emperors. Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, a great Mughal emperor had almost 20,000 pigeons of different breeds in his court in Delhi (India). Abu’l-Fazl, a poet of the Mughal Empire, mentioned that he had seen fantail pigeons in Emperor Akbar’s court. (1) Similarly, in the late 1950s, the Chinese emperor had Fantail pigeons in his backyard. (2)

Are Indian Fantail Pigeons Good Breeders?

Indian Fantail Pigeons are excellent breeders; probably one of the best among all fancy pigeon breeds. Since they are the most commonly available pigeon breeds, their population is clear evidence of their high breeding.

Indian Fantail Pigeon Breeding

The breeding capacity varies from pair to pair but most Indian Fantail pigeon pairs breed at least 4-6 times a year; they lay two eggs in each breed. Some fanciers breed fantails over 10 times a year with the help of foster pigeons.

Indian Fantails take great care of their offspring, they feed well and keep them close until they learn to fly. This might seem common but it isn’t; certain fancy pigeon breeds like Blondinettes and German Beauty have unique beak structures, and they cannot take good care of their chicks.

They can breed in both colonies and separate cages but it is recommended to keep them in separate cages. Their limited flight and beautiful feathers need extra care, which is best provided in separate cages. Also, provide them water to bathe, they breed more often if they stay clean and happy.

Are Indian Fantails Good Pets?

I have been raising fancy pigeons for a long time, I’ve noticed, that Indian fantails are one of the most loving breeds. They make excellent pets, and they are naturally friendly. They get attached to their caretaker and stay with them throughout their life. Apart from their nature, their beauty makes them adorable and worth keeping.

Where to Buy Indian Fantail Pigeons?

Indian fantails are easily available in almost every country. But if you want to go for top-notch quality visit local pigeon farms and bird stores. Also, check online sources, pigeons are sold online too. Visit classified websites for fantail ads; many pigeon breeders sell their breed online. Similarly, there are many Facebook groups and YouTube channels where pigeon fanciers promote their fantail sales. You can find a variety of fantails through these platforms.

What is the Price of Indian Fantail Pigeons?

There is no specific price for Indian Fantails, the price depends on certain factors like the number of feathers in the tail, length of foot feathers overall size, crest, color, age, and breeding history.

Indian Fantail Pigeon Cost

International Price of Indian Fantail Pigeon Pair

The international price of Indian Fantail pigeons is around $70-120 per pair. Most of the US, UK, Canadian, Malaysian, and Spanish pigeon clubs sell Indian Fantails at this price. But as already mentioned, there are certain factors that impact the price; some clubs sell top-notch quality fantail pigeons at higher prices.

Indian Fantail Pigeon Price in India

In India, you can buy an Indian Fantail pigeon pair for $20-30. But again, this is just an idea, the actual price varies from bird to bird.

Indian Fantail Pigeon Price in Pakistan

Since Indian Fantail pigeons are commonly available in Pakistan, they are inexpensive and easily available. The price of Indian Fantail pigeons is approximately $20-30 per pair.

Final Thoughts

Like all fancy pigeons, Indian fantails are unique and beautiful. They are an excellent choice for pigeon keeping.

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