American Fantasy Pigeon

American Fantasy Pigeon: A Cross Between Fantails and Jacobins

The American fantasy pigeon, also known as Indian fantasy pigeon is an exhibition breed, developed through cross-breeding between Indian Fantail, Jacobin, and Saint pigeon. It has the traits of all three; a fan-shaped tail, foot feathers, and a hood.  

At first sight, it looks like an Indian fantail pigeon as it has a similar stance, long muffs, foot feathers, and a beautiful tail. But its hood shows it has a relation with Jacobin and Saint pigeon.

According to the breed standard, the head should be erect and the tail should be properly fan-shaped like Indian fantails, and the hood should be sufficient like Saint pigeons.

Pigeon BreedAmerican Fantasy Pigeon
Other NameIndian Fantasy Pigeon
Breed SpecialityHood,
fan-shaped tail & muffs
Ancestor BreedsIndian Fantail
Saint pigeon
Tail Feathers20-30
Foot-feathers (in)1-3
Crest TypeHood (Shell)
Length (in)9.8-11
Weight (g)300-400
Life Span (years)7-10
Availability (USA)Rare
Pair Price (USD)$150-200
American Fantasy Pigeon Breed Standard
American Fantasy Pigeon Breed Standard


The breed was developed in the late 1970s in California by John Lindley. (1) In 1984, the National Pigeon Association recognized it as a standard pigeon breed. (2)

In the earliest days, American fantasy pigeon was called Indian fantasy pigeon. Its name caused confusion as the Indian Fantails was an established breed and the Indian fantasy pigeon also looked similar. This is why in 2006, the name was changed to American fantasy pigeon. Some sources still quote this breed as Indian fantasy pigeon.

Since this breed is a result of cross-breeding, the earliest generations of fantasy pigeons did not have both hood and fan-like tail. They were either similar to fantails with a poor hood or they had a nice hood and a straight, wide tail with a little curve. Years of selective cross-breeding produced birds that have a proper hood and a good tail.

American Fantasy Pigeon and Indian Fantasy Pigeon is the Same Breed

Breeding and Laying Habits

Fantasy pigeons start breeding when they are 6 months old. Some birds can start breeding early at the age of 5 months. They breed 2-3 times a year and lay 2 eggs in every clutch. Since the breed is uncommon, very limited information is available about its breeding.

Male and Female Identification

Visually, males and females are hard to distinguish as they look similar. But like all pigeons, both genders have some differences. The males and females can be identified with their physical structure and behavior. Generally, males are bigger and have broader heads and shorter beaks.

How to Take Care of Them?

Fantasy pigeons also require some special care like jacobins and fantails. They must be kept in a proper-sized cage to keep their hood and tail feathers in proper shape. They are poor flyers like fantails and can fall prey to predators like cats and falcons which is why they must be kept in an enclosure. Fantasy pigeons are sensitive to cold temperatures, their cage must be covered in winters.

American Fantasy Pigeons Cost

How Much Do American Fantasy Pigeons Cost?

The average cost of a fantasy pigeon pair is $150-200 in the USA. However, a top-notch quality pair can cost up to $300. Since fantasy pigeons are rare, their market rate can vary from seller to seller.

Where to Buy American Fantasy Pigeons?

American fantasy pigeons can be hard to find. But you can find some breeders in a dedicated Facebook group to buy them. Moreover, you can also find pigeon clubs, and pigeon sellers online on YouTube and classified ads websites.

Final Thoughts

Despite their gorgeous looks and average breeding, fantasy pigeons are still uncommon. The breed is not hard to develop, you can develop it at home with a jacobin and an Indian fantail.

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