Weird Pigeon Breeds

Top 10 Weirdest Pigeon Breeds That You Must See!

You might have seen some pigeons have long foot feathers while some pigeons are extraordinarily large and then there are some pigeons that look weird. In this article, I have listed 10 such weird pigeon breeds that you might find interesting.

English Long-faced Tumbler 

Long-faced Tumbler Pigeon


Maltese Pigeon


Blondinette Pigeon

German Beauty

German Beauty Pigeon

English Carrier

English Carrier Pigeon


Budapest Pigeon


Dragoon Pigeon


Barb Pigeon


Scandaroon Pigeon

Antwerp Smerle

Antwerp Smerle Pigeon

Final Thoughts

So these are just some of the weirdest pigeon breeds but if you enjoyed reading about them, you might also enjoy reading about the top 10 coolest pigeon breeds and the most beautiful pigeon breeds in the world..

Beware, if you accidentally fall in love with any of these pigeons, some fancy pigeon breeds are very expensive and can cost in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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