Most Expensive Fancy Pigeon Breeds

Top 10 Most Expensive Fancy Pigeon Breeds in The World

Did you know some fancy pigeon breeds can cost up to $10,000 per bird? Yes, some breeds are really expensive because of their unique appearance and rarity. 

Let’s talk about the 10 most expensive fancy pigeon breeds around the globe and why they are expensive. 

Victoria Crown Pigeon ($5000-1000)

Victoria Crown pigeon is the largest and also one of the rarest pigeon species. It is extremely rare and illegal to trade in most countries. However, in the USA, Victoria Crown pigeons bred in captivity can be legally traded with a captive-bred certificate. 

Victoria Crown Pigeon

Nicobar ($600-1000)

Just like the Victoria Crown pigeon, the Nicobar pigeon is also endangered and illegal to trade. But legal to sell with a captive-bred certificate. Unfortunately, in many countries, wild Nicobar pigeons are still illegally captured and traded which is adversely affecting their population.

Nicobar Pigeon

Trumpeter Bokhara ($500)

The Trumpeter Bokhara pigeons are no doubt one of the most gorgeous pigeon species. Their crest and long muffs make them unique and adorable. Because of their extreme beauty and rarity, they sell for a good price.

Trumpeter Pigeon

Hungarian Giant House ($400)

The Hungarian Giant House pigeons are costly not only because they are large and beautiful but also because they are used in selective breeding for the development of new pigeon breeds like the large-sized Indian Fantail pigeon also known as the American Fantail pigeon. A good-sized pure Hungarian Giant House pigeon can be a little hard to find and this is why they also cost high.

Hungarian Giant House Pigeon

Blondinette ($350)

The short beak and appealing lace pattern of Blondinette pigeons not only make them appealing but also expensive. Another factor that adds to their cost is their limited breeding. Due to short beaks, Blondinette pigeons are not really good breeders and hence they are not commonly available.

Blondinette Pigeon

Seraphim ($350)

The Seraphim pigeons are close cousins of Blondinette pigeons and both belong to the same Oriental Frill family. However, unlike the Blondinettes, the Seraphim pigeons are self-white and their structure is the same as that of Satienette pigeons.

Seraphim Pigeon

Pomeranian Pouter ($300)

Among all the Pouter family pigeon breeds, the Pomeranian Pouters are the most costly. Their cost depends on several factors like size, color, and overall purity. An excellent quality pouter pigeon can cost even higher in unique colors.

Pomeranian Pouter Pigeon

Scandaroon ($300)

The Scandaroon pigeons have a long beak, slightly tilted towards the ground. They also have unique physical attributes that make them expensive.

Scandaroon Pigeon

French Mondain ($300)

The French Mondain pigeon is another attractive breed that has a body structure similar to chickens. This is why they are sometimes referred to as chicken pigeons.

French Mondain Pigeon

Giant Runt ($250)

The Giant Runt’s exceptionally large size used to be a reason they were once consumed for pigeon meat and later used for selective breeding and the development of several large pigeon breeds. Apparently, with time, their size has declined, and finding a good-sized Giant Runt pigeon can be hard. This is why, they are expensive.

Giant Runt Pigeon

Final Thoughts

Many other fancy pigeon breeds also sell at high prices and some breeds are exceptionally expensive in limited regions because of rarity. But what’s even more interesting is, that the most expensive racing pigeons have a record of selling for millions of dollars. Their exceptional flying and racing traits are the reason they cost so high. So, pigeons can be very expensive based on their rarity, availability, appearance, and flight traits.

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