English Fantail Pigeon

English Fantail Pigeon: Identification, Price and History

English Fantail pigeon is also known as American English Fantail, Exhibition Fantail, and Modern Fantail pigeon. It is a refined form of Garden Fantail, one of the oldest types of fantail pigeons. (1) Decades of selective breeding changed their stance, body structure, tail shape, and overall balance.

The modern English fantails have the heaviest tail among all fantail pigeon types. Their head is inclined towards their tail to an extent that it makes walking difficult for them. They do not have any crest and muffs.

English Fantails exist in many colors. Some of the most common colors are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Tiger
  • Black/Red/Blue/Silver Ribbon Tail
  • Black/Red/Blue/Silver Saddle-back
Pigeon BreedIndian Fantail Pigeon
Breed SpecialityFan-shaped Tail
No Foot-feathers
No Crest
Tail Feathers30-45
Foot-feathers (in)None
Crest TypeNone
Length (in)9.5-11
Weight (g)300-400
Life Span (years)10+
Pair Price (USD)$150-200
English Fantail Pigeon Breed Standard

Difference Between English Fantails and Other Fantail Types

Many breeders confuse English fantails with Garden fantails as they look similar. The major differences between both types are stance, and tail shape. Garden Fantails have a cone-shaped tail, and their head does not touch their tail. Whereas the tail of English Fantails is almost flat and their head touches their tail. Moreover, English Fantails have a ball-like body structure.

Similarly, the Indian fantails also look similar as they also have a fan-shaped tail. But Indian fantails have a lighter tail and they have a crest and foot feathers whereas English Fantails do not have them. The other types of fantails also have differences, and all types have some differences.

English Fantails vs. Indian Fantails


English Fantails were developed by cross-breeding Indian Fantails and Garden Fantails with other breeds. It is hard to say exactly when this Fantail type was developed but it was surely developed in the late 20th century.

Although the true origin of English Fantails is UK, many US breeders also worked on this breed. This is why English Fantails are also called American English Fantail. The pigeon breeders from India and Pakistan also played a vital role in further beautifying the breed. (2) This is why some sources consider its true origin to be India and Pakistan.

The Origin of English Fantail Pigeon

Breeding & Parenting

From my personal experience, I can say, they are excellent breeders; almost as good as Indian Fantails but better than American Fantails. They can breed up to 6 times a year. Most of the English fantail pairs hatch 2/2 babies in almost every clutch.

The absence of foot feathers makes it easier for them to take good care of eggs and newborns. Probably this is why their hatch rate is good. But the unusual inclination of their head towards the tail also makes it difficult to feed babies.


Like other Fantail pigeons, English fantails cannot fly much which is why they are easily hunted by cats and flying predators. Keep them safe in an enclosure big enough to make short flights and never leave them in the open unattended.

English Fantail Pigeon Breeding and Parenting

Where to Buy English Fantail Pigeons?

Buying an English fantail pair is easy and economical, the hard part is finding a good quality English fantail. The best place to buy English fantails in the USA are fantail clubs, they have the best quality birds. If you are looking to buy at an economical rate, find independent sellers. Many pigeons keepers in USA breed and sell this breed.

Where to Buy English Fantail Pigeons

What is the Pair Price of English Fantail Pigeons?

The price of English fantails depends on their quality and it also varies across the globe. Internationally, an English fantail pigeon pair costs $150-200. Exceptional quality pairs can cost up to $400. Whereas in Pakistan and India, they are quite common and cheaper, a good quality pair costs around $40-60.

English Fantail Pigeon Cost

Final Thoughts

It is probably the most famous fancy pigeon breed all over the world. The way it walks makes it special and fascinating. If you have never kept this breed, go for it, you’ll love it.

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