Where and How to Buy Fancy Pigeons Online

16 Platforms That Sell Fancy Pigeons Online in the USA

If you are looking to buy Indian Fantails, you can either visit a local bird store or you can find a local seller online. There are multiple ways you can find a seller online, I have shared some common ways.

  • Check the local listings on online classified websites and mobile apps. There are certain websites and Apps like OLX, Gumtree, and Craigslist where sellers place advertisements for their pigeons.
  • Join pigeon-related Facebook groups. There are many groups on Facebook where people discuss pigeon problems, share tips, and also sell pigeons.
  • Search “Indian Fantails for Sale” on YouTube, best if you add the name of your city/country at the end. For example, “Indian Fantail Pigeons for Sale in London”. Many pigeon sellers upload videos on YouTube and share their contact details.
  • Just the way you have to search on YouTube, search on Google. Many Indian Fantail pigeon clubs and breeders have websites and they sell directly from their websites.

Find local pigeon sellers through online classified websites and Apps. These platforms enable you to see a variety of pigeons. And this is the most economical method of buying fancy pigeons.

Fancy Pigeon Selling Websites

Following is a list of websites that sell fancy pigeons in the USA.

Pigeon Farms (California)

[email protected] | (562) 235-1829
11138 E. Del Amo Blvd. Suite 262, Lakewood, California 90715

Stromberg’s Chickens (Minnesota)

(800) 720-1134
501 1st St S, Hackensack, MN 56452

Pure Bred Pigeon (Tennessee)

[email protected] | 615-851-9674
108 Freeman Hollow Ct, Goodlettsville, TN 37072 USA

Ken’s Indian Fantails (Texas)

[email protected] | (325)-205-0451
11455 FM 580, San Saba, Texas 76877

Dennis Kuhn Loft (Minnesota)

[email protected] | (952)212-8446

Independent Pigeon Sellers

Following is a list of websites that have listed independent pigeon sellers.

Pigeon Hub

The site has a detailed list of pigeon sellers located in the USA. You can find sellers located in your state along with their contact details and address.

Pigeon Nest

The site has listed US-based pigeon sellers with their contact details and the pigeon breeds they have for sale.

Fancy Pigeon Classifieds Websites

Following are some classified websites where you can buy fancy pigeons from sellers residing in the USA.




Hooble Classifieds

Poultry Show Central

American Listed


Fancy Pigeon Auction

Fancy Pigeon Sellers Outside USA

Several pigeon websites outside the USA sell internationally. They also offer to ship to the USA and other countries.

Fancy Pigeon For Sale

How Much do Fancy Pigeons Cost Online?

Typically fancy pigeons cost between $20-50 per bird but the cost varies from breed to breed. Some breeds like fantails are commonly available and are inexpensive whereas some pigeon breeds are very expensive and can cost up to $10,000 per bird.

How much do fancy pigeons cost

Factors to Consider Before Buying Fancy Pigeons

Buying pigeons online is not difficult, the real struggle is choosing a suitable pigeon. Based on my online buying experience, I have jotted down some factors that I always consider before buying fancy pigeons.

Is it a Pure Breed?

Make sure the bird looks like a standard pigeon of the same breed. If this is your first time buying a fancy pigeon, make sure you check out the breed standards before choosing a bird.

Search the breed name on Google, check images and read articles on breed identification. Make sure the pigeon you choose has the same behavior and physical characteristics as the breed should have.

Is it Healthy?

Make sure the bird is healthy, flies properly, and does not show signs of any signs of disease or weakness. One infected bird can infect an entire flock; do not buy the bird if it is infected.

Is it Paired?

If this is your first time buying a fancy pigeon, go for breeder pigeons; they are easier to manage and breed.

If you are going to pair it with one of your pigeons, you should know if the pigeon is already paired or not. Paired pigeons must be kept separate for 1-2 weeks before introducing them to their new partner. Otherwise paired pigeons do not accept new pigeons and they often end up fighting.

Is it a Male or a Female?

Generally, fancy pigeons’ gender identification is time-taking and it often prolongs the breeding process. If you are buying a fancy pigeon for breeding, the best approach is to buy a bird whose gender is known. Identifying pigeon gender is easy, you can ask the seller to confirm the gender before you buy.

How Old is it?

Most fancy pigeons live for 10-12 years but as they age, their breeding capacity starts declining and they require more care. If you are planning to breed your new pigeon, prefer buying 5 months to 2 years old pigeon.

Is It Legal and Safe to Buy and Sell Fancy Pigeons in the USA?

Yes, it is legal and safe to buy and sell fancy pigeons in all states of the USA. Just make sure you carefully check the following points before making a deal.

Key-takeaway: Always Buy From Local Online Sellers

  • Prefer buying from farms where you can visit and check the pigeons before you buy.
  • Individual pigeon breeders sell pigeons at lower costs as compared to pigeon clubs.
  • If you are buying from another region, you might have to go through import/cargo permission from the local wildlife federation.
  • Pigeons purchased from the local region easily blend in and have fewer chances of being affected by weather stress.

Buying fancy pigeons can be troublesome but the above tips will surely help you choose and buy a suitable bird. Have any questions? ask me in the comment section.

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