Silky Fantail Pigeon

Silky Fantail Pigeon: Identification, Price and Breeding

Silky Fantails, also known as Lace Fantails are the rarest type of Fantail pigeons. They have silky feathers that look like hair and feel soft and fragile. Apart from the lace effect on their feathers, they look like typical Garden Fantails.

Silky Fantail vs. Garden Fantail

They have no crest and muffs and their tail is slightly cone-shaped. They have existed for several centuries and yet they are rare.

Pigeon BreedSilky Fantail Pigeon
Other Name(s)Lace Fantail
Breed SpecialitySilky feathers
Ancestor BreedSilky Pigeon
Garden Fantail
Tail Feathers15-30
Length (in)9.5-11
Weight (g)250-350
Life Span (years)7-10
Availability (USA)Rare
Pair Price (USD)$70-120
Silky Fantail Pigeon Standard

The two most common colors in Silky Fantails are white and black.

Silky Fantails Exist in Indian Fantail and English Fantail Structure too

Silky Effect in Other Fantail Structures

Originally, Silky Fantails existed in only Garden Fantail structure but over the last few decades, some pigeon breeders have cross-bred Silky Fantails with Indian Fantails and English Fantails and produced new structures. They look just like Indian Fantails and English Fantails and have a silky effect like Silky Fantails.

History of Silky Fantail Pigeon


The recorded history of Silky Fantails starts from 1735 when John Moore discussed them in his research work “Columbarium”. Later in 1758, Linneaus also mentioned them in his research work (Systema Naturea). According to him, the origin of Silky Fantails is Africa. Later in 1868, Charles Darwin researched the inheritance of the silky effect in this breed and mentioned them in his research work. Nobody knows exactly where and when Silky Fantails originated but they are believed to have existed for more than two centuries.

The Anscestors of Silky Fantails

The silky effect and Garden Fantail-like structure indicated they descended as a result of cross-breeding between Silky pigeons and Garden Fantails. The Silky pigeons went extinct in the 20th century along with all other pigeon species that had the silky effect.


Silky Fantails can breed with ordinary Fantails and produce both Silky and ordinary Fantails in 1:1. But there is something you should know about breeding Silky Fantails. There are two categories in Silky Fantails:

  • Moderate Silky
  • Extreme Silky
Silky Fantail Pigeon Breeding

The Moderate Silkies can be produced if a Silky Fantail breeds with an ordinary Garden Fantail, but the Extreme Silkies can be produced only two Moderate Silkies breed. When two Moderate Silkies breed, one out of four offsprings is an Extreme Silky.

Can Silky Fantail Pigeons Fly

Can Silky Fantail Pigeons Fly?

Silky Fantails cannot fly because of the lace effect. Their feathers are delicate, they cannot lift the pigeon. Their tail structure is another contributive factor in their near-to-none flight.

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Where to Buy Silky Fantail Pigeons?

As Silky Fantails are rare, they can be difficult to find. However, some Fantail pigeon clubs and breeders sell them online. Find US-based pigeons breeders and clubs in this article: where and how to buy fancy pigeons online

What is the Cost of Silky Fantail Pigeons

What is the Cost of Silky Fantail Pigeons?

The price of Silky Fantails is different in each region and given their rarity, some breeders sell them at higher prices. The average price of a Silky Fantail pigeon pair is $70-120 in the US.

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